About Morocco

Capital of Morocco: Rabat

Surface area of Morocco: 720,000 km2
Moroccan Population: 32,805,000 inhabitants
Languages Spoken in Morocco: Arabic Berber, French, Spanish
GDP/per capita (dollars): 4.200 US $
Religion: Islam (98.7 % Muslims)

The Lagoones at Moulin Bouselham

A must see between Larache and Rabat

The Kingdom of Morocco is at the farthest west point of the Arab world and North Africa just under the Strait of Gibraltar. Morocco is strategically located with both Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, and a rugged mountainous interior.

Morocco was a French protectorate from 1912 to 1956, when Sultan Mohammed became king. He was succeeded in 1961 by his son, Hassan II and then in 1999 he was succeeded by his son King Mohammed VI.

Morocco's capital city is Rabat. Other major cities in Morocco are Marrakesh and Fes as well as the ports of Casablanca and Tangier.


The market at the Medina, Marrakech an absolut MUST

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Another must see area is Asilah

The local Markets are one of the most important social meeting places!!

The people of Morocco have a rich diversity and unique cultural blended from Arab, Berber, European and African influences.

Moroccans are some of the most generous hospitable people in the world. It's not uncommon to get invited to dinner upon meeting and chatting with a Moroccan for only ten minutes and if you are honored with such an opportunity you will be treated to an experience you will never forget.

Typical Moroccan meals for guests are two to three courses that extend over several hours of lively conversation. Mint Tea is an integral part of Moroccan hospitality and daily life that you are almost sure to experience.

The official languagein Morocco is Arabic and various Berber dialects are spoken.

French is widely spoken in business, government and academic circles and Spanish is also spoken in the north.

English is also widely used in hotels, restaurants and cafes where there are a larger number of tourists.

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Increasing Interest in Morocco

According to Times online (a UK based online newspaper), Morocco is the fastest growing destination for holidaymakers who buy flights through Airlines have been engaged in an aggressive fares war because of the record number of flights, with London-Marrakesh fares dropping as little as £27 (€38 or $48) return including taxes and charges.

Magreb Arabe Presse has reported that during summer 2006 flight bookings to Marrakesh leapt 295% year-on-year, maintained by the increased number of flights operating between UK and Morocco.
The other popular Moroccan destination is Tangier, which is the fifth fastest growing destination with bookings of up to 132% year-on-year.


Morocco’s exports include fish, citrus fruits, energy, finished products, phosphates phosphoric acid and raw materials. Other key areas of the economy are tourism, agriculture, fishing and forestry
The unit of currency in Morocco is the Dirham (DH), which is divided into 100 centimes. Business visitors are advised to consult their banks for the current rate of exchange. No import of dirhams is allowed. Overseas visitors need to change their currency into dirhams locally.

Old Town ( Medina)


The Moroccan Central Bank (Bank Al Maghrib) fixes the value of the Dirham using a basket of currencies including the Euro, Dollar and Yen. The Dirham is not yet fully convertible.

Morocco has a free market economy that has grown by an average of 4% a year since 1983. The government has adopted a proactive privatization creating opportunities in the telecommunication, utilities and automotive sectors.


There is a free trade zone at the port and airport of Tangier and merchandise entering these zones is exempt from customs, fiscal and exchange control


Between the Mediterranean and Atlantic, Europe and Africa, Morocco has always been a land of exchanges and encounters. Since early Antiquity, it has been a land of successive invasions, by the Phoenicians, then the Romans and the Byzantines. Here, Berber, Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures have learnt to live together. Each has contributed its genius, making Morocco a land of tolerance and shared beauty.
With it’s fascinating history, culture, and spectacular scenery, Morocco is a wonderful place to experience. The colourful markets and medinas of Rabat, Fez and Marrakech are bursting with exotic wares, sounds, and the smell of spice. The snow covered High Atlas Mountains contrast dramatically with the huge golden sand dunes of the Sahara desert. The imperial cities and impressive southern kasbahs complement each other to provide a wonderful, varied adventure and a glimpse into Morocco’s fascinating past.
Today, the country is one of Africa's most popular travel destinations. No matter how well-seasoned a traveler you are, you'll find plenty to see and do in Morocco: fine Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, desert excursions, wondrous imperial cities, Islamic landmarks, wild Joujoukan trance music, Roman antiquities, resort facilities, mountain villages and towering sand dunes...
Travel Talk tours take you to a world of an exceptional cultural and natural heritage including the impressive imperial cities, medinas with their magical colours, traditional souks and markets, fantastic valleys and mountains in great convenience.


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